Paris LED Chandelier
Our Paris LED Chandelier is an exclusive project of our company, we tailor it for you
The Paris LED Chandelier is an exclusive product of our company.
It is a unique product that will give an air of exclusivity to any party.
The standard size has dimensions of 4x4 meters with 3 layers having a total sum of more than 14 thousand LEDs.
It is also manufactured in other sizes, ask for a budget.

Chandelier + Floor

One of the best combinations that we could have developed is the combination of the Paris LED Chandelier with the Paris LED Floor . With a pair like this you don't need anything else!
Make your party the best time of your life.


Montagem do Lustre Paris
The Paris LED Chandelier assembly is very practical. In the video to the side you can see a small demonstration.
Our team is always available to answer any questions.

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