Paris LED Floor
The Paris LED Floor will change your event for better, giving your party much more sophistication and refinement
The Paris LED Floor will shine your party. And no wonder, any party or event gains a special refinement when it is present!
There are several possibilities of use: from a Dance Floor, Bride's Catwalk to a Table of Sweets and Cake (that's right!).

Dance Floor

Each piece of Paris LED Floor measures 1x1 meter and can be assembled in several ways. The most used format is the Dance Floor for wedding parties and 15 years.

Bride's Catwalk

The Catwalk format makes the Bride's entrance an even more special moment!
The ease of assembly of the Paris LED Floor pieces allows it to be assembled both as a double and simple walkway.

Cake Table

That's right! The Paris LED Floor can also be used as a lighted table for sweets and cakes.
It is possible to use either individually or in pairs or trios to make larger tables.
Montagem do Piso de LED Paris

Easy Assembly

The assembly of the Paris LED Floor is very simple. Regardless of how it will be assembled, it is only necessary to connect one piece to the other and that's it. Your event is ready to be a success!

Super Resistance

You can be carefree! Each piece on our Paris LED Floor supports more than 600kg.
It can even be used for car exhibitions.
Resistência do Piso de LED Paris

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